Crónica de un viaje de estudios inolvidable


Nuestros alumn@s de 4º de la ESO estuvieron la semana pasada de viaje de estudios en Andalucía y nos cuentan en inglés algunos de los momentos más especiales de un viaje que siempre recordarán con mucho cariño en sus corazones:

Last week we went to our school trip. My classmates and I were very excited because it was our last trip together. We went to Andalucía, in the South of Spain, and we visited three cities: Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada. The first place we went to was Sevilla and it was the city that I liked the most. During the morning, we visited the city with a guide and we saw all the important monuments and famous parts of the city. Next, we went back to the hotel to have lunch, and after that, we went to the city centre again, but this time we had some free time. I spent the afternoon with my friends, we went for a walk and we bought some souvenirs and some presents for our families, and a little later we took lots of pictures too. Finally we went back to the hotel. It was a really good day which I enjoyed a lot!

It was definitely a fantastic and unforgettable experience and everyone had a really great time.

María Falcón 4ºESO

Last week we went to Andalucía, in the South of Spain. It was our school trip and it was fantastic and one of the most important experience of our lives. We visited several cities with our classmates: Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada.

Now I’m going to talk about my favourite day of the trip. It was the last night. At first we were in the hotel ready for our party, after a few minutes we got into a bus and we went to a pub. We spent all the night dancing and playing table football. A little later, the teachers came to pick us up. At the end,  we went back to the hotel and we chatted and laughed for the rest of the night.

I am sure we will never forget this experience and we will always remember our last trip together.

Sandra Pizarro 4ºESO

Last week, my classmates and I went to Andalucia (the South of Spain). It was our last schooltrip together and we visited many beautiful places around three very nice cities (Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada). On our last night, we went to a pub and we had a party.

At first, everybody was talking only to his/her friends and nobody wanted to be the first one dancing or speaking to another group. But, after a while, we started to feel more comfortable with all the other people and then, we began to sing, dance and laugh with the other groups, even if they were from the other class. In the end, we had so much fun all together and we became an only group. No more little groups of friends, no more people from the A class or the B class. We decided to leave all our problems behind and to be fine with everybody.

It was a really nice night!

Raquel Carrascosa, 4º ESO


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